Urban Masters is an alternative art installation giving street and urban artists a chance to render homage to their grand masters, masterpieces and muses that have influenced their journey through the world of art and played a part in who they are now. At the heart of London’s trendy Shoreditch works of 33 of the world’s best street artists of the moment are at display in a warehouse.

It hosted upcoming young artist next to established artist.


Blek le Rat


Nick Walker

Shepard Fairey

“Street art matters. By taking their art to the most public of all spaces – the streets – artists build bridges between them and their community and therefore help cement an art-aware society. Moreover, they bring new perspectives upon the urban architecture and landscape and thus help reinvent a city to house this art conscious society.”

Florie-Anne Mondoloni, Opera Gallery London

We created content before the event to create a buzz and more awareness on the event. We had set goals to generate more views online what leads into more visitors and what could lead to more sales. From teasers to short films to after movie. We did the whole nine yards to get Urban Masters visual. Urban Masters made it in the 10 things to see in London during the event.


Life is about taking risk, the business is about risk management. What better way is to see the artist and let them tell them about the risk they took to become an artist and the fears they have and face. We created a short documentary about these artist in order to show their story at the show. The booth was well occupied during the exhibition.