how we disrupt a b2b event ready to get inked!

how we disrupt a b2b event

ready to get inked!

We again applaud to those who are willing to take risk, think different and understand that leads will come from creativity vs ordinary. 
When we were asked to think about a creative stand what had a metaphor for An open source Database we said immediately YES.. 
This year we created with the client a Tattoo Stand, incl all goodies such as tattoo sleeves, t-shirts and we even had a airbrush tattoo artist on set to provide tattoo’s to prospects . For the Lisbon PF Conf community event we organized a food and drinks evening in the Lisbon Zoo. Elephant Selfies! 


For the Gartner IT/xpo in Barcelona we provided corporate dinner, an evening walk with dinner for prospects and closing drink at the stand.
Beside all the goodies and design work. A full customer experience with temporary Ink.

the ink will fade away

the memory remains!